Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

Raised by a children's librarian and a sex therapist, CORY SILVERBERG grew up to be a writer and award-winning sexuality educator. Cory's academic background is in education and counseling psychology. Since 1997, he has developed and facilitated workshops for hundreds of agencies and organizations serving both youth and adults across North America. Cory has also delivered keynotes, lectures, and interactive public talks for professional conferences and student groups about talking with children about sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender. In 2012, Cory developed a book project—What Makes a Baby—that became the most-funded children's book on Kickstarter and subsequently signed a three-book deal with Seven Stories Press to produce a series of inclusive children's books about gender and sexuality.

FIONA SMYTH is a Toronto-based painter, illustrator, and cartoonist.  Her first graphic novel, The Never Weres, was published in 2011. Fiona teaches illustration and comics at OCAD U in Toronto.