The Beginning of the American Fall
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  • Paperback
  • 144
  • November 13, 2012
  • 9781609804527

The Beginning of the American Fall

Stephanie McMillan

Can a cartoonist and millions of random strangers change the world? The initial stages of their attempt are chronicled in this book of comics-journalism and written observations.

Stephanie McMillan, long-time activist and cartoonist, has waited her entire life for the American people to rise up. Sparked by uprisings around the world, a new movement bursts onto the national scene against a system that denies the people a decent life and puts the planet at risk.

With delightful drawings, interviews, dialogue, description, and insightful reflections, this book chronicles the first several months of the fragile and contradictory movement. It situates detailed personal experiences and representative narratives within the broad context of a truly unique and historical global conjuncture. This book will stand as a record of the emerging movement in accessible comics form.

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“McMillan’s expressive style, pared down to the basics and intensified over the years, allows for instant communication of thoughtful rage."—Comics Journal

“This is social satire at its wittiest and most engaging.—Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States 

"Beginning of the American Fall is the definitive, thrilling and inspiring account of the beginning of the first major street-level protest movement since the 1960s: the Occupy Wall Street movement. Stephanie McMillan's stunning illustrations, personal accounts and first-hand analysis documents the most exciting event in U.S. politics in generations.”—Ted Rall, author of The Anti-American Manifesto

"Stephanie McMillan is an important and courageous political philosopher. This book movingly shows important lessons we can learn from the Occupy Movement and apply as we move forward toward the revolution we so desperately need."—Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame, and A Language Older Than Words

About Stephanie McMillan

Activist and artist STEPHANIE MCMILLAN began syndicating her daring political cartoons in 1999. Since then her work has appeared in dozens of publications and has been exhibited in museums across the country. A book based on her comic strip, Minimum Security, was published in 2005. Her graphic novel, As the World Burns, written with Derrick Jensen, was published in 2007. 

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