Chicago's Nelson Algren
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  • September 2007
  • 9781583227640

Chicago's Nelson Algren

Art Shay

Foreword by David Mamet

They met in 1949 when Art was a reporter for Life. Shay followed Algren around with a camera, gathering pictures for a photo-essay piece he was pitching to the magazine. Life didn't pick up the article, but Shay and Algren became fast friends. Algren gave Shay's camera entrance into the back-alley world of Division Street, and Shay captured Algren's poetry on film. They were masters chronicling the same patch of ground with different tools.Chicago's Nelson Algren is the compilation of hundreds of photos—many recently discovered and published here for the first time—of Nelson Algren over the course of a decade and a deeply moving homage to the writer and his city. Read Algren and you'll see Shay's pictures; look at Shay's photos and you'll hear Nelson's words.

About Art Shay

After flying fifty-three combat missions in World War II, ART SHAY joined Life magazine as a staff reporter before leaving in 1951 to become one of American's leading photojournalists. His pictures regularly appeared in LifeTimeFortune, and Sports Illustrated among many other magazines. Several have been singled out as among the most enduring American photographs ever taken.


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