Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction
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  • September 18, 2012
  • 9781609804367

Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction

Sabrina Chap

Now in its second edition, with a foreword by Amanda Palmer and new contributions from comedian Margaret Cho and street artist Swoon, Live Through This is an unprecedented, intimate exploration of self-destruction and creativity by some of our most daring writers and artists.

A visceral look at the bizarre entanglement of destructive and creative forces, Live Through This is a collection of original stories, essays, artwork, and photography. It explores the uses of art to overcome abuse, incest, madness, and depression, and the often deep-seated impulse toward self-destruction including cutting, easting disorders, and addiction. Here, some of our most compelling cartoonists, novelists, poets, dancers, playwrights, and burlesque performers traverse the pains and passions that can both motivate and destroy women artists, and mark the path to survival. Taken together, these artful reflections offer an honest and hopeful journey through a woman's silent rage, through the ways struggles with destruction can be empowering, and the ensuing possibilities for transforming that burning force into external release as art.


“The essays and visuals that make up Live Through This plum the depths of out-of-control lives, examining how self-destruction functions as both a hindrance and a productive challenge.” —Bitch Magazine

“The [contributors to] Live Through This testify to lives of survival—turning tears and tendencies toward mania, depression, and self-mutilation into powerful lessons.”—Curve Magazine

“A kinda ground-breaking interesting read...brings sexuality into the larger context of mental health, general well-being, and happiness in life.”—Audacia Ray
“Inspiration, ultimately, is what this visceral book is about.”—Bay Windows

"For women whose talents include a canny ability to self-annihilate, this book is a tonic. Read it and weep. Literally." —Jennifer Baumgardner

“Captivating, concise, and humbling, Live Through This is easy to put down between pieces and become just as
immersed upon picking it up again”—Feminist Review
Live Through This strikes me in all ways as a carefully crafted object—which so few books are these days.”—

About Sabrina Chap

SABRINA CHAP is a playwright, spoken word artist, and singer-songwriter originally from the suburbs of Chicago. She is founder of the all-woman songwriter series Chicks that Kick, and editor of the zine Cliterature: 18 Interviews with Women Writers. Her plays, including perhaps merely quiet, have been produced in the United States and Europe.

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