Marilyn: The Story of a Woman
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  • August 1996
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Marilyn: The Story of a Woman

Kathryn Hyatt

Detailing Monroe's life with unusual depth and empathy, this biography in comics form reexamines one of America's most familiar icons in a startling and fresh way. Marilyn speaks for herself—to her psychoanalyst, to a reporter, and ultimately, to the reader of this book. Beginning where her unstable mother leaves off, Monroe picks up her dream of fame in early childhood. The reader follows Monroe's rise to stardom, progressing through the lower depths of Hollywood into the hard realities of fame. Seen through the prism of Marilyn's own inner world, her achievements and failures take on a new complexity and poignancy.

Marilyn: The Story of a Woman is told as a direct narrative in words and dark, compelling images. This biography will appeal to fans of Marilyn, comics, and anyone interested in women's lives.


"Her shadowy, spooky art, combined with tales of camera paranoia, is quite powerful." —Comics Journal

"Hyatt has produced an eerily sensitive and engaging portrait in comics of Monroe, conveying the movie star's efforts to retain her sense of identity, her dedication to acting, her disappointments (and the men who contributed to them) and her struggles to control her now legendary career. Hyatt's portrait is one of an insecure, ordinary girl shaped early on by her family's precarious situation and movie-induced fantasies of glamour, beauty and mass attention. Raised in an orphanage after her mother's mental breakdown, Monroe, in Hyatt's portrait, seems in search of an honest emotional security that was always just beyond her grasp. What shines through is her devotion to acting (candidly critical of her own early talent, she worked hard to improve) and her perfectionism—a penchant for endless numbers of takes was not always appreciated by her directors. Hyatt focuses on several men: agent Johnny Hyde, who left his wife to devote himself to her early career; the sexually and economically exploitative studio bosses; and husband and playwright Arthur Miller, who in one arresting sequence announces their marriage on TV before consulting Monroe." —Publishers Weekly

About Kathryn Hyatt

KATHRYN HYATT's graphic stories have appeared in World War 3 Illustrated and Girl Talk. Her interest in Marilyn Monroe began when she was nine years old and saw Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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