Kalle Lasn and Adbusters

KALLE LASN is an internationally known, award-winning documentarist. He is publisher of Adbusters magazine and founder of the Adbusters Media Foundation and Powershift Advertising Agency. Lasn has dedicated himself to launching social marketing campaigns with Adbusters such as Buy Nothing Day and TV Turnoff Week, and to fighting legal battles for the right to access the public airwaves, primarily through the anticapitalist tactic of culture jamming. Lasn, along with Adbusters senior editor Micah White and Adbusters' 90,000-strong global network of activists were the instigators of the first #OccupyWallStreet event on September 17, 2011.

ADBUSTERS is a not-for-profit, reader-supported, advertising-free, 70,000-circulation magazine that lays bare anticapitalist, pro-environment concerns through incisive philosophical essays, activist commentary, and advertising spoofs. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters past and present contributors include Slajov Zizek, David Graeber, Simon Critchley, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, Matt Taibbi, Bill McKibben, Douglas Rushkoff, Jonathan Cook, and Chris Hedges.