Laura Flanders, Richard Goldstein, Dean Kuipers, James Ridgeway, Eli Sanders, and Dan Savage

LAURA FLANDERS is the host of RadioNation on Air America Radio. She is the author of Blue Grit: Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians and Bushwomen: How They Won the White House for Their Men.

RICHARD GOLDSTEIN writes regularly for The Nation. He is the author of Homocons: The Rise of the Gay Right.

DEAN KUIPERS is the managing editor of CityBeat, the alternative weekly of Los Angeles, and the author of Burning Rainbow Farm: How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke.

Currently the Washington correspondent for the Village Voice, JAMES RIDGEWAY has authored over fifteen books (including The Five Unanswered Questions About 9/11) and co-directed the films Blood in the Face and Feed. He has also written for Harper'sThe EconomistNew York Times MagazineThe NationThe New RepublicParade, Ramparts, and The Wall Street Journal.

ELI SANDERS is the senior staff writer for The Stranger, Seattle's weekly newspaper.

DAN SAVAGE is the author of the internationally syndicated sex column “Savage Love” and the editor of The Stranger, Seattle’s weekly newspaper.