A History of Color: New and Collected Poems
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  • May 2003
  • 9781583224854

A History of Color: New and Collected Poems

Stanley Moss

Few poets today, even very good ones, write lines, as Stanley Moss does, that are so exquisitely crafted you cannot help but remember them. "What is heaven but the history of color, begins the new long poem after which this book is named. "We know at ninety sometimes it aches to sing, begins another poem, for a woman upon her ninetieth birthday. In the hands of this master, "Ah who art in heaven, transmigrates to the quieting "ah, ah, baby. And here is Moss in an early poem: "Ive always had a preference / for politics you could sing / on the stage of the Scala, ending that poem with words attributed to Lincoln: "I dont know what the soul is, / but whatever it is, I know it can humble itself.

A History of Color: New and Collected Poems by Stanley Moss is the first one-volume, complete edition of the poetry of this important living American poet. In the tradition of last years explosive success, Poems Seven: New and Complete Poetry by Alan Dugan (winner of the National Book Award, the Lannan Award, and the Massachusetts Book Award), A History of Color proposes poetry that is made to be useful. Moss is our leading psalmist. Metaphors for wonder abound, his language one of sorrow and exaltation.

A History of Color includes forty new poems; work from Moss's previous books, Asleep in the Garden, The Intelligence of Clouds, The Skull of Adam, and The Wrong Angel; and a group of early poems not previously published in book form.


"Stanley Moss's A History of Color is an impressively presented and highly recommended poetry anthology emphasizing intellectual exploration and contemplation. Subtle shifts of mood distinguish the free-verse reflections on the absurdities and contradictions of life." —The Midwest Book Review, December 2003 issue

"It is time to celebrate the singular beauty and power of Stanley Moss's poetry." —Stanley Kunitz

"The strength of Moss's poems lies in the fact that he can continue the argument [with God] and keep it immediate to our lives." —American Poetry Review

"In every surprising poem, every song to life, beautiful life, Moss, by turns giddy and sorrowful, expresses a sacred sensuality and an earthy holiness." —Booklist

About Stanley Moss

Born in New York City, STANLEY MOSS was educated at Trinity College and Yale University. He is a private art dealer specializing in Italian and Spanish old masters, as well as the publisher and editor of The Sheep Meadow Press, a non-profit press devoted to poetry.

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