Acts of Aggression: Policing "Rogue" States
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  • February 1999
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Acts of Aggression: Policing "Rogue" States

Noam Chomsky and Edward W. Said

In Acts of Aggression three distinguished activist scholars—Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, and Ramsey Clark—examine the background and ramifications of the U.S. conflict with Iraq. Through three separate essays, the pamphlet provides an in-depth analysis of U.S./Arab relations, the contradictions and consequences of U.S. foreign policy toward "rogue states," and how hostile American actions abroad conflict with UN resolutions and international law.


"What exactly constitutes a 'rogue' state? If you are a regular consumer of mainstream media, you are probably familiar with the usual suspects the U.S. regularly trots out: Libya, North Korea, Iraq, Iran and Cuba. It looks like they can cross North Korea off the list, now that their nuclear missile 'program' turns out to be an empty tunnel. As the authors of this wonderful concise pamphlet point out, if the concept of 'rogue state' is to be of any use, we have to examine how such concepts further American racist policies around the world, and how hypocritical the U.S. is in pointing fingers everywhere but at itself. Edward Said looks at American attitudes toward the Arab world and the tendency for the U.S. to puritanically punish any state or group that dares to interfere with U.S. interests. Noam Chomsky weighs in with an analysis on how the U.S. constructs the notion of 'rogue states' and at the same time deflects attention from it's own wrongdoing. Special attention is paid to U.S. agression against Iraq. Ramsey Clark examines how the U.S. continues to violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A great pocket guide to foreign policy." —Alternative Press Review

About Noam Chomsky and Edward W. Said

NOAM CHOMSKY is known throughout the world for his political and philosophical writings as well as for his groundbreaking linguistics work. He has taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1955 and remains one of America's most uncompromising voices of dissent.

EDWARD W. SAID was born in Jerusalem, Palestine and attended school there and in Cairo, Egypt. He is Old Dominion Foundation Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University. He is the author of Orientalism, Covering Islam, After the Last Sky, Culture and Imperialism, and many others. He is a former member of the Palestine National Council.

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