Apocalypse Then: Stories
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  • 288
  • September 2004
  • 9781583226377

Apocalypse Then: Stories

Rick DeMarinis

Despite the world's insecurities, the most common drama of all is not of apocalypse now, but of apocalypse deferred; the pain of living is having to wait it out. DeMarinis's characters try alcohol, they try travel, and (most of all) they try offlimits love. They find themselves in harms way, or put themselves there—but in life, as the title story states, "sometimes the worst doesn't happen."

In "The Missile Gypsies," a nuclear engineers casual faith in a universal safety mechanism is derailed by a surprise liaison with a coworker, an affair he is clumsily unable to hide from his wife. "Moss spent the rest of the night in his truck telling himself he was a good man with poor judgment. He had no personal trigger-lock." In "Birds of the Mountain West," a man who goes to comfort his friend, a suicidal drunk, recalls seeing birds intoxicated on fermented berries. "Then, at sunset, the mob of wasted waxwings settled in a single tree and faced the setting sun, trilling long plaintive notes for the dying of the light—a fine feathered choir of happily pious drunks … "


"The power of DeMarinis' deliciously disconcerting short stories is generated by his card-shark ability to transform the realistic into the bizarre. Loaded with startlingly vivid details, unusually skewed psychological insights, and ravishingly poetic apocalyptic intimations, DeMarinis' cunning, cuttingly funny short stories track the psychic damage done by war and the chilling shadow of nuclear weapons even as they celebrate our rising, however unsteadily, from the ashes." —Donna Seaman, American Library Association

"However similar the existential suffering of his characters, DeMarinis expertly probes the contours of their condition.You simply can't move your eyes from the page." —Mark Smirnoff, New York Times Book Review

About Rick DeMarinis

RICK DEMARINIS is the author of six novels, including The Year of the Zinc Penny, which was a 1989 New York Times Notable Book, and three previous collections of short fiction. His stories have appeared in Harper'sAntaeusStoryEpoch, among many others. In 1990 he received a Literature Award from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. He teaches creative writing at the University of Texas, El Paso.

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