The Autism Puzzle: Connecting the Dots between Environmental Toxins and Rising Autism Rates
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    • Hardcover
    • 208
    • March 2012
    • 9781583228951
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    • Paperback
    • 208
    • April 30, 2013
    • 9781609804602

The Autism Puzzle: Connecting the Dots between Environmental Toxins and Rising Autism Rates

Brita Belli

Paperback edition features a foreword by Caroline Cox, Research Director from the Center for Environmental Health, and a new preface updating the first edition.

With 1 in 88 American children now affected by autism, The Autism Puzzle is the first book to move beyond the distractions of the vaccine debate to address compelling new evidence that autism may be the result of the pairing of environmental exposures with genetic susceptibilities that together impact the brain development of children.

Journalist Brita Belli brings us into the lives of three families with autistic children, each with different ideas about autism, as she explores the possible causes. She interprets for readers compelling evidence that environmental toxins—including common exposures from chemicals mounting in our everyday lives—may be sparking this disorder in vulnerable children. Belli calls for an end to the use of materials like toxic flame retardants used in electronics and furniture, which have been banned elsewhere, that are hazardous, insisting that we cannot afford to experiment with our children. The Autism Puzzle puts a human face on the families caught in between the debates, and offers a refreshingly balanced perspective.


"Given that autism rates in the U.S. have reached 1 in 110 children, Belli's exploration of the correlation between environmental toxins and this difficult genetic condition couldn't be timelier. . . . Lamenting the 'the enormous difficulty of passing any meaningful comprehensive reform,' and backed up with plenty of research, the author suggests ways in which individuals might reduce their daily chemical exposure—from going organic, avoiding foods packaged in plastic, and eliminating chemical cleaners from one's household. Grounded in anecdote and reliant on the facts, Belli's study is readable and very informative."—Publishers Weekly

"The Autism Puzzle unlocks many alarming truths about this worldwide epidemic and raises the deeper question: What are you going to do about it?”—Dr. Bob Sears, author of The Autism Book

"This book is essential to awaken parents about the relationship between environmental toxins and autism. If you have a kid, you are thinking of having one, or know anyone who has kids, you should read this book! But more importantly, you should give a copy to your pediatrician. This book is a very important one, spread the word!"—Alejandro Junger, M.D., author of best-selling Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

"In order to truly understand the struggles of Autism, we need to start looking at the root, which is exactly what The Autism Puzzle does. This book is critical to the health professional, parent, or interested party, who is interested to look more deeply into the causes of the staggering autism rate among our children. I highly recommend this book."—Anni Daulter, author of The Organic Family Cookbook, Organically Raised, and Sacred Pregnancy

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