Blake's Therapy
  • $12.95 $9.71
    • Paperback
    • 176
    • June 2002
    • 9781583224793
  • $21.95 $16.46
    • Hardcover
    • 176
    • June 2001
    • 9781583220702

Blake's Therapy

Ariel Dorfman

Blake's Therapy is a whirlwind ride through the desires of one man to find something real in a virtual world. After suffering a mental breakdown, Graham Blake checks into the Corporate Life Therapy Institute, where the self-assured, silver-tongued Dr. Carl Tolgate has prepared a strange, shocking, and erotic treatment. Now Blake must find out, before it is too late, who is controlling his life, his companys future, and his own heart.

A work of intense psychological intrigue, Blake's Therapy holds a magnifying glass to one mans life as it unravels in a world of economic turmoil and spiritual crisis.


"If Kafka were alive today, he would write something similar to Blake's Therapy." —Jos Saramago

"Blake's Therapy is clever. It is well-constructed, boxes inside boxes." —In These Times

"Blake's Therapy enriches the genre of nightmarish social parablebut this novels real and enduring locale is the darkness within." —The New Leader

"Ariel Dorfman returns to his icon-skewering best with this new novel." —The Washington Post

"Dorfman is a fine writer [and] Blake's Therapy is an outstanding and timely effort." —San Francisco Chronicle

"[Dorfman] deftly carves up the corporate world in his new novel." —Miami Herald

"A masterly exploration of reality and dreams, power and identity." —Library Journal

"[A] complex and challenging thrilleras well as a daring attempt to distill the nature of good and evil." —Kirkus Reviews

About Ariel Dorfman

Born in Buenos Aires in 1942, ARIEL DORFMAN is a Chilean citizen. A supporter of Salvador Allende, he was forced into exile and has lived in the United States for many years. Besides poetry, essays and novels Hard Rain (1990); Widows (1983); The Last Song of Manuel Sendero (1987); Mascara (1988); Konfidenz (1995). His plays include Death and the Maiden, which has been produced in over one hundred countries and made into a film by Roman Polanski. Dorfman has won many international awards, including the Sudamericana Award, the Laurence Olivier and two from the Kennedy Center, where Speak Truth to Power, his last play, recently premiered. He is distinguished professor at Duke University and lives in Durham, North Carolina.

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