Censored 1998: The News That Didn't Make the News
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  • Paperback
  • 384
  • May 1998
  • 9781888363647

Censored 1998: The News That Didn't Make the News

Peter Phillips and Project Censored

Introduction by Danny Schechter

Cartoons by Tom Tomorrow

A collection of the 25 top news stories that affect all of us, Censored 1998 presents the year's most pressing stories that were not covered adequately, if at all, in the mainstream press. Compiled by director of Project Censored, Peter M. Phillips, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, with the help of over 150 student researchers, faculty, media scholars, and critics, Censored 1998 keeps us informed of the important news stories that we haven't seen. Called "required reading for broadcasters, journalists, and well-informed citizens" by the Los Angeles Times, this annual collection from Project Censored has received the Firecracker Alternative Book (FAB) Award for two years running.

New in 1998: Censored 1998 will be the only printed source of- new chapters by media analysts Robert W. McChesney and Norman Solomon- an article by San Jose Mercury News journalist Gary Webb on what happened during the year following the release of his controversial CIA/Contra/Crack connection series, Dark Alliance- a research chapter on the homogeneity of the media corporate elite.

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"Censored serves as a reminder that there is certainly more to the news than is easily available or willingly disclosed. To those of us who work in the newsrooms, it's an inspiration, an indictment, and an admonition to look deeper, ask more questions, then search for the truth in the answers we get." —Creative Loafings

"[Censored] should be affixed to the bulletin boards in every newsroom in America. And, perhaps read aloud to a few publishers and television executives." —Ralph Nader in the Oklahoma Observer

"[Censored] offers devastating evidence of the dumbing-down of mainstream news in America … Required reading for broadcasters, journalists, and well-informed citizens." —Los Angeles Times

"A distant early warning system for society's problems." —American Journalism Review

"A terrific resource, especially for its directory of alternative media and organizations … Recommended for media collections." —Library Journal

"This is a book which should be purchased, read, distributed and taken to heart." —Behind the Barricades

About Peter Phillips and Project Censored

PETER PHILLIPS, former director of Project Censored, is Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University. He is known for his op-ed pieces in the alternative press and independent newspapers nationwide, such as Z Magazine and Social Policy.

PROJECT CENSORED, founded in 1976 by Carl Jensen at Sonoma State University, has as its principal objective the advocacy for and protection of First Amendment rights and the freedom of information in the United States. In 2008, Project Censored received the PEN/Oakland Literary Censorship Award for the publication of Censored 2009. For more information, visit www.projectcensored.org.

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