Dreaming Up America
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    • Paperback
    • 176
    • January 2010
    • 9781583228913
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    • Hardcover
    • 176
    • January 2010
    • 9781583228388

Dreaming Up America

Russell Banks

Bloomsbury Review Editors' Favorite Books of 2008

With America ever under global scrutiny, Russell Banks contemplates the questions of our origins, values, heroes, conflicts, and contradictions. He writes with conversational ease and emotional insight, drawing on contemporary politics, literature, film, and his knowledge of American history.


"His voice is appealing, and the brevity and scope of his tale are bracing." —Publishers Weekly

"Russell Banks as a novelist has always dared to illuminate the larger issues of human interaction in a society that too often dishonors human rights. Here he gives us a thoughtful and provocative meditation on our history, with a chilling look at what happened to the American dream." —Howard Zinn

"Russell Banks is not only one of our great novelists but also a courageous and visionary citizen who understands the centrality of race and the magnanimity of democracy. His first nonfiction book is a gem!" —Cornel West

"Russell Banks understands the narratives we invent as Americans to explain ourselves to ourselves. He plummets to the depths of the American soul, holds it up for view and offers in his insights the possibility for atonement." —Chris Hedges

About Russell Banks

RUSSELL BANKS is the author of sixteen works of fiction, many of which depict seismic events in US history, such as the fictionalized journey of John Brown in Cloudsplitter. His work has been translated into twenty languages and has received numerous international prizes, and two of his novels—The Sweet Hereafter and Affliction—have been made into award-winning films. His latest novel is The Reserve. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, founding president of Cities of Refuge North America, and former New York State Author, Banks lives in upstate New York.

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