The Food-Mood Connection: Nutritional and Environmental Approaches to Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing
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  • February 2008
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The Food-Mood Connection: Nutritional and Environmental Approaches to Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing

Gary Null and Amy McDonald

Revised and Expanded Edition

Now, at a time when the effects of nutrition on mental health are becoming increasingly recognized and accepted by the general public, comes a completely revised tome from an early advocate of the subject: The Food-Mood Connection, by bestselling health and nutrition expert Gary Null, who was affectionately dubbed "the new Mister Natural" by Time magazine. Drawing from up-to-the-minute research and patient testimonials, Null reveals how alternative, nutrition-based approaches can effectively treat many mental disorders, chronic conditions, and a variety of commonly misdiagnosed organic conditions. With participation from more than sixty-five alternative practitioners, this edition includes new chapters, protocols for health, updates on topics ranging from alcoholism and depression to food allergies and PMS, plus revised supplementary sections on Prozac and autism.


"Null, a longtime champion of alternative health care, makes a good case. . . . His book is sure to find a big audience among those (including families) affected by these conditions." —Publishers Weekly

"In an increasingly Balkanized medical community, fractured by all manner of alternative therapies, Null, a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public-health science, is leading one of the biggest breakaway republics of all." —Jeffrey Kluger, Time

About Gary Null and Amy McDonald

Nutritionist and natural-living advocate GARY NULL's film documentaries on the politics of health have won awards around the world, and his daily and weekly radio broadcasts educate millions on nutrition-based approaches to wellness and disease prevention. His books have allowed readers of all ages to know there are alternatives to the often-harmful prevailing medical practices of conventional Western medicine. Null is one of the very few lifelong defenders of America’s fundamental right to stay informed and healthy.

AMY MCDONALD has worked in the medical publishing field for nearly twenty years. She has edited many articles and several books, including Women's Health Solutions and the national bestseller Get Healthy Now!, both by Gary Null. 

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