Goodbye Mr. Socialism
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  • 256
  • September 2008
  • 9781583227756

Goodbye Mr. Socialism

Antonio Negri

Goodbye Mr. Socialism offers a gripping encounter with one of todays leading leftists, presenting his most up-to-date analysis of global events and insight into the prospects for the Left in an age of neoliberalism. In his most accessible work yet, philosopher Antonio Negri discusses the state of the global Left since the end of the Cold War and suggests a new politics in a series of rousing conversations with Raf Valvola Scelsi. Scelsi prompts Negri to critique the episodes in the post-Cold War period that have afforded the Left opportunities to rethink its strategies and objectives. Addressing the twilight of social democracy, Negri offers a compelling defense of the prospects for social transformation.

About Antonio Negri

ANTONIO NEGRI was born in Padua in 1933. He is one of the world’s leading critics of state power and has been actively involved in political movements to transform society. In 1979, he was arrested for his alleged connection to the Red Brigades and sentenced to a term in prison. In 1983, Negri fled into political exile in France and later returned to Italy in 1997, where he voluntarily served his term and was released in 2003. Among his most important works are Empire and Multitude (both with Michael Hardt).

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