Mascara: A Novel
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  • Paperback
  • 128
  • July 2004
  • 9781583226414

Mascara: A Novel

Ariel Dorfman

Mascara delves into the dark terrain of identity and disguise when the lives of three people collide. A nameless man with a face no one remembers has the devastating ability to see and capture on film the brutal truths lurking inside each person he encounters. Oriana, a beautiful woman with the memory of an innocent child, is relentlessly pursued by mysterious figures from her past. Doctor Mavirelli is a brilliant and power-hungry plastic surgeon who controls society's most prominent figures by shaping their faces. The twining of these three fates plays out in an climactic unmasking.


"Taut, eerie … a postmodern version of Jekyll and Hyde." —New York Times Book Review

"A marvelously inventive story of suspense … Mascara places Dorfman in the exalted cultural Parnassus inhabited by Franz Kafka and Kobe Abe." —Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A tantalizingly ambiguous web of deceit, intrigue, and obsession, its layers of meaning gradually revealed … The reader is left in delicious puzzlement." —Publishers Weekly

About Ariel Dorfman

Born in Buenos Aires in 1942, ARIEL DORFMAN is a Chilean citizen. A supporter of Salvador Allende, he was forced into exile and has lived in the United States for many years. Besides poetry, essays and novels Hard Rain (1990); Widows (1983); The Last Song of Manuel Sendero (1987); Mascara (1988); Konfidenz (1995). His plays include Death and the Maiden, which has been produced in over one hundred countries and made into a film by Roman Polanski. Dorfman has won many international awards, including the Sudamericana Award, the Laurence Olivier and two from the Kennedy Center, where Speak Truth to Power, his last play, recently premiered. He is distinguished professor at Duke University and lives in Durham, North Carolina.

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