Mindful Economics: How the US Economy Works, Why it Matters, and How it Could be Different
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  • September 2008
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Mindful Economics: How the US Economy Works, Why it Matters, and How it Could be Different

Joel Magnuson

Are the huge profits garnered by corporations each year a case of a few bad apples in the business world taking advantage of unmonitored dealings? Is this consolidation of wealth made at the expense of the overall economy and the wellbeing of the average citizen? Will the planet be saved by developing more "green businesses" and "green collar jobs"? Joel Magnuson delivers a powerful response to the current misconceptions about the US economy in his brilliantly accessible Mindful Economics. The troubles we face are not the result of a good system gone awry, but rather a system that is built to do exactly what it is doing: corporations are designed to reap profits for its shareholders, at any cost. The greater welfare of society, or of the environment, will never be as important as financial gain. Magnuson shows us the relationship between the current wars abroad; rising oil prices; the recession; ballooning incomes of top CEOs; the mortgage crisis; and the health care, insurance, and auto industries, and he teaches us that the best way to understand the US economy is to think like an economist. With stunning clarity, Magnuson shows the interconnectedness of the local with the global, and offers real alternatives to this capitalist model.


"An excellent guide to one of the most deliberately mystified fields of human endeavor. If you ever wondered what all those words and concepts mean, this is the book to turn to." —Doug Henwood

"Joel Magnuson notes an irreconcilable conflict between capitalist financial growth and environmental sustainability. He finds hope, however, in a kind of evolutionary socialism that he calls Mindful Economics. How lucky for us if politicians picked up this book … Then they may even help us save the planet." —Barbara Garson

"A lovely and provocative introduction to American capitalism that I wish every American would read." —Robert W. McChesney

About Joel Magnuson

JOEL MAGNUSON is an internationally recognized economist specializing in non-orthodox approaches to political economy. He is currently a professor of economics in Portland, Oregon; a visiting fellow at the Ashcroft International Business School at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England; and is an international advisor to the editorial board of Anglia’s journal Interconnections. He is an active member of an international research group based in Europe that is working toward new philosophical foundations for economic theory and practice.

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