Never Come Morning
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  • 268
  • June 1996
  • 9781583222799

Never Come Morning

Nelson Algren

Introduction by Kurt Vonnegut

The story of a murder and the ensuing investigation, Algren's most painful paean to his Chicago, Never Come Morning, was Algren's bestselling book after The Man with the Golden Arm and was translated into French by Sartre.


"An unusual and brilliant book." —The New York Times

"The best book to come out of Chicago." —Ernest Hemingway

"Never Come Morning … informs us all that there lies an ocean of life at our doorstep—an unharnessed, unchanneled, and unknown ocean." —Richard Wright

“A knockout.” —The Saturday Review of Literature

“Utter sincerity and psychological truth.” —The Nation

“It is this poetry of familiar things that is missing in the other Chicago novels. . . . Algren is a poet of the Chicago slums.” —Malcolm Cowley

About Nelson Algren

One of the most neglected of American writers and also one of the best loved, NELSON ALGREN (1909–1981) once wrote that “literature is made upon any occasion that a challenge is put to the legal apparatus by conscience in touch with humanity.” His powerful voice rose out of the urban wilderness of postwar Chicago, and he returned there over and over, eventually transforming his “lower depths” into something the whole world could understand. Recipient of the first National Book Award for fiction and lauded by Hemingway as “one of the two best authors in America,” Algren remains one of our most defiant and indomitable novelists, with a body of work that includes five major novels, two short fiction collections, a book-length poem, and several collections of reportage. 

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