Nutrition and the Mind
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  • January 1996

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Nutrition and the Mind

Gary Null

Renowned nutritionist Gary Null interviews 25 distinguished physicians about the origins and treatments for alcoholism, depression, food allergies, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer's, hypoglycemia, PMS, and behavioral problems in children, among other conditions. In case after case, the doctors found that certain mental and physical conditions can be caused by vitamin deficiencies, environmental toxins, hormonal imbalances, food allergies or the inability of the body to absorb certain nutrients.

The doctors show that frequently these conditions respond to nutritional treatments, especially when conventional approaches have failed. "Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can produce anxiety attacks in some people," explains Michael Schacter, M.D., a New York psychiatrist and graduate of Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. "By correcting some of these nutrient imbalances, we can reduce tremendously the chances of a person having panic attacks."Null also cites studies which show a link between low thyroid conditions and depression, and other studies which reveal chronic underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies in alcoholics. In both types of cases, nutrient supplements are used to treat the underlying physical condition and can relieve psychological and emotional distress.Other topics covered in Nutrition and the Mind include:- The connection between toxins in the environment and mental disorders- Nutritional treatments that can be used with Prozac for treating mood disorders- A special section on mental disorders in children- Benefits of the "wonder drug" Tryptophan, which was banned by the FDANutrition and the Mind also includes groundbreaking case studies; a history of orthomolecular medicine ("the right amount of the right nutrients"), which began with the work of Nobel prize-winnder Dr. Linus Pauling; and a list of recent scientific articles that describe the link between nutrition and illness.

About Gary Null

Nutritionist and natural-living advocate GARY NULL's film documentaries on the politics of health have won awards around the world, and his daily and weekly radio broadcasts educate millions on nutrition-based approaches to wellness and disease prevention. His books have introduced readers of all ages to health alternatives that avoid the often-harmful practices of conventional Western medicine. Null is a rare, lifelong defender of the right of Americans  to stay informed and healthy.

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