The Postpartum Effect: Deadly Depression in Mothers
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  • February 2003
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The Postpartum Effect: Deadly Depression in Mothers

Arlene M. Huysman

The past decade has seen strides in the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression, which affects 400,000 women annually in the United States. Yet the most tragic of these cases—the filicides and suicides that spark tabloid frenzy—continue to be horribly misdiagnosed. Dr. Arlene Huysman, drawing on decades of clinical work, here describes the postpartum effect, the missing key to treatment.

Dr. Huysmans book is designed to educate the general public, and to serve as a tool in the care providers hands. In The Postpartum Effect the author records anonymous first-person testimonies from mothers who were tempted to harm their children. She constructs a profile of mothers at greatest risk of the disease. All leading up to the central question: What drives a mother to the ultimate travesty? Dr. Huysmans measured, empirical approach is a plea for understanding.

Huysman exposes legislative ignorance of the disease, decrying the criminalization of afflicted mothers. The Postpartum Effect includes a chapter by Dr. Paul J. Goodnick, director of the Mood Disorders Program at the University of Miami, analyzing the special hormonal considerations of treatment; and a chapter by Ilyene Barsky, lcsw, head of the Center for Postpartum Depression in Coral Springs, Florida, on getting help.

About Arlene M. Huysman

ARLENE M. HUYSMAN, Ph.D., is a practicing clinical psychologist specializing in mood disorders, with over two decades of professional experience. She is listed in the first edition of Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare and is considered to be an expert in the treatment of depression. Dr. Huysman’s medical investigative reporting on the subject of postpartum depression is well known in her field. She has appeared on many nationally televised news programs, and testified as an expert witness at many criminal trials of mothers who have hurt or killed their children. She lives in Miami, FL.

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