Radical Walking Tours of New York City
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  • February 2003
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Radical Walking Tours of New York City

Bruce Kayton

Featuring a new foreword by Pete Seeger

Traditional walking tours of New York enshrine the wealthy and war heroes by emphasizing what they've left behind. Rarely seen are those buried in their wake—those who fought the power, pushing for a better world. In Radical Walking Tours of New York, Bruce Kayton leads us to monuments of those other heroes.

Through Kayton's lens, the history of all hitherto existing neighborhoods is the history of class struggles, civil rights battles, and labor movements; these twelve tours provide as many exciting, provocative, and educational afternoons. You can visit, for instance, Emma Goldman's long-time home in the East Village, Langston Hughes's house in Harlem, the site of Mabel Dodge's salon or the apartment in which John Reed worked on Ten Days That Shook the World, and the site of Margaret Sanger's first birth control clinic. There are also surprises on Kayton's voyages: Who knew, for instance, that Candice Bergen was amongst the Yippies who, in protest, threw dollar bills out onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in 1967?

From Battery Park to Harlem, from the Lower East Side to Central Park, Bruce Kayton's tours provide a new perspective on the history of both New York City and American radicalism.


"[T]hose interested in the history of radicalism in the city will be rewarded by the depth of Kayton's knowledge." —New York Magazine

"Want to live longer? Do more walking. Want to learn from the past, the pros and the cons? Go walking with Bruce Kayton—you learn about wonderful folks in the twentieth century, the nineteenth century, even the eighteenth century, when all of New York's population could be put on one Staten Island ferry with room left over. Idea: When you go walking with Bruce Kayton, bring friends of different colors, different backgrounds. Make it a rainbow walk." —Pete Seeger

About Bruce Kayton

BRUCE KAYTON has been a political activist for over thirty years. He has appeared on National Public Radio, WNYC-Radio and WBAI-Radio, and taught at the New School University and the Jewish Radical Education Project. Kayton lives in New York City.

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