Right and Wrong, and Palestine, 9-11, Iraq, 7-7 …
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  • October 2006
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Right and Wrong, and Palestine, 9-11, Iraq, 7-7 …

Ted Honderich

Philosopher Ted Honderich insightfully relates four shattering current events in this articulate, well-reasoned moral and political analysis. Exploring the war in Iraq, the controversy in Palestine, and the tragic events of 9-11 and London's 7-7, Honderich elucidates the great questions of right and wrong in a conflict-ridden era.


"Ted Honderich makes a powerful case that 'an easy answer is wrong,' so that to find the right answer … will be anything but easy. His inquiry explores some of the most painful and controversial issues of the day. It merits, and will reward, careful reflection." —Noam Chomsky

"The truth is noisy, and nobody propounds it more vehemently than the political philosopher Ted Honderich … His is a name known to every philosophy student, and in his long career he has been connected to all the leading figures in English philosophy." —The Independent

About Ted Honderich

TED HONDERICH, Britain’s foremost radical philosopher, is Grote Professor Emeritus at University College London and a visiting professor at the University of Bath. He is internationally recognized for his numerous books on philosophy, including Punishment: The Supposed Justifications Revisited, Conservatism, Terrorism for Humanity, After the Terror, and How Free Are You? He is also the editor of the Oxford Companion to Philosophy.

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