The Shere Hite Reader: Sex, Globalization, and Private Life
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  • April 2006
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The Shere Hite Reader: Sex, Globalization, and Private Life

Shere Hite

The Shere Hite Reader presents wide-ranging analysis on the individual and society from a renowned thinker on psychosexual development. The book includes new science in addition to previously published material, reflecting Hite's three decades of work probing the roots of human identity through questionnaires and theory.

For the first time Hite formalizes her thinking on male adolescence, that boys feel tortured by the new social role they are forced to assume at puberty requiring a show of superiority toward females. In new detail Hite advances her understanding that sex is political, linking the expectation on women to achieve orgasm through coitus with broader patterns of oppression. Hite discusses new research on female adolescence, challenging the virgin hymen concept, and documenting that sexual awakening often precedes puberty. Hite also argues that pornography misrepresents male sexuality (not to mention female sexuality), depicting it as singular and silly instead of full of intriguing, nuanced behavior involving the entire body, not just the penis.

These and many more new insights are joined by previous work addressing topics such as the G-spot myth and the coercive aspect of modern love. The Shere Hite Reader distills the findings of The Hite Report (1976); The Hite Report on Men and Male Sexuality (1981); Women and Love (1987); and The Hite Report on the Family (1994); as well as later books published outside the U.S.: Sex and Business, Women With Women, Women as Revolutionary Agents of Change, The Divine Comedy of Ariadne and Jupiter, and L'Orgueil d'tre une femme.

The authoritative collection of her work, The Shere Hite Reader challenges the reader to a new way of seeing.

About Shere Hite

SHERE HITE, cultural historian, is internationally recognized for her work on psychosexual behavior and gender relations. Dr. Hite, visiting professor of gender and culture at Nihon University in Japan and previously instructor of female sexuality at New York University, has lectured at universities around the world including the Sorbonne, Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Oxford, the London School of Economics and others. Director of the National Organization for Women’s feminist sexuality project from 1972 to 1978, since that time she has directed Hite Research International. Hite also writes regularly for international newspapers and journals, as well as continuing to direct the expanding activities of Hite Research.

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