Targeted: National Security and the Business of Immigration
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  • December 2006
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Targeted: National Security and the Business of Immigration

Deepa Fernandes

America has always portrayed itself as a country of immigrants, welcoming each year the millions seeking a new home or refuge in this land of plenty. Increasingly, instead of finding their dream, many encounter a nightmare—a country whose culture and legal system aggressively target and prosecute them.

In Targeted, journalist Deepa Fernandes seamlessly weaves together history, political analysis, and first-person narratives of those caught in the grips of the increasingly Kafkaesque U.S. Homeland Security system. She documents how in post-9/11 America immigrants have come to be deemed a national security threat.

Fernandes—herself an immigrant well-acquainted with U.S. immigration procedures—takes the reader on a harrowing journey inside the new American immigrant experience, a journey marked by militarized border zones, racist profiling, criminalization, detention and deportation. She argues that since 9/11, the Bush administration has been carrying out a series of systematic changes to decades-old immigration policy that constitute a roll back of immigrant rights and a boon for businesses who are helping to enforce the crackdown on immigrants, creating a growing "Immigration Industrial Complex. She also documents the bullet-to-ballot strategy of white supremacist elements that influence our new immigration legislation.


"In Targeted, Deepa Fernandes exposes the immigration-industrial complex. She follows the money of the DHS-funded companies that profit, and tells the stories of the immigrants who ultimately pay.This well-researched book documents the perfect storm of white nationalist policy, corporate greed and the privatized war on terror. As an immigrant herself twice over, Fernandes writes movingly about the experiences of 'brown people in white countries,' and shows that when anyone is diminished, we all lose." —Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

"Deepa Fernandes has written a truly brilliant book. She goes to the heart of current U.S. immigration policy—a policy centered on criminalizing and policing black and brown bodies. But just as superexploited immigrant labor has been—and continues to be—the source of huge profits for U.S. capital, now the repressive apparatus created to police the border and those who cross over has become the latest capitalist dream. If we really want immigration policies geared toward social justice, we must read this book." —Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

"Deepa Fernandes has created a powerful text of stories, interviews, research, and facts to dramatize the inanity of a war the United States government is waging against the immigrant poor in the guise of fighting terrorism. Economic realities are forcing people to leave their homes for an uncertain, exploitative, and often deadly journey to this country. Targeted is a much-needed sobering look at what is really going on in the midst of anti-immigrant hysterics and jingoism emanating from the halls of Congress to the desert borderlands." —Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in LA, and Music of the Mill: A Novel

"Immigrants are dying for jobs like cleaning our toilets. Hundreds suffocate every year in the Arizona desert. Recycled Halliburton air strips make up the wall. Thats the bottom line few recognize like Deepa Fernandes. She portrays not only the human dimension, but how an immigration-industrial complex profits at all our expense." —Tom Hayden, California delegate, U.S.-Mexico Border Commission, 1980. Author of Street Wars, the Globalization of Gangs

"The most comprehensive book on post 9/11 attack on immigrants in the US. From the desert sands of the US-Mexican border to detentionn centers in NYC, and from the decades old writings of right wing ideologues to the draconian anti immigrant legislations of the last few years, Fernandes has woven together an in depth story of the current state of US immigration policy; its origins, its arbitrariness, its contradictions and its ineffectiveness. If you wish to understand contemporary America, this book is a must read." —Biju Mathew, author of Taxi! Cabs and Capitalism

About Deepa Fernandes

DEEPA FERNANDES is the host of the popular morning show, “Wakeup call” on Pacifica radio station WBAI in New York City. Her award-winning radio features have aired on the BBC World Service, and Public Radio International. Her writing has appeared in the Village VoiceIn These Times, and the New York Amsterdam NewsTargeted, her first book, is the result of four years of research collecting narratives from immigrants as well as human rights groups, community organizers and lawyers who are challenging the Bush Administration's policies.

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