The Jugheads
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  • Paperback
  • 304
  • October 7, 2014
  • 9781609805838

The Jugheads

J.R. Helton

In America, the mass of men still lead lives of quiet desperation, as do their children and wives. You're either a loser or a winner, depending on whether you can strike it rich, find fame, or just win the big game. The Jugheads tells the story of a father and his son and of the now tarnished American Dream—and what so often happens when that dream comes true. We follow Jake Stewart and his family as they struggle under his father's draconian rule from the inner city through the sprawl of 1970s-era suburbia to the seemingly pristine countryside envisioned by Americans since the time of Thoreau. As Jake comes of age, his father drags the family across Texas and the American West in an attempt to find home and realize his own dreams of "getting back to Nature." Instead—for Jake and his father, for his mother and sister—all they really find is themselves. By turns hilarious and shocking, The Jugheads is the story of an everyday family, told by a master of the underside of the American psyche. 

About J.R. Helton

J.R. HELTON has been writing for thirty years. He has published a number of short stories, as well as the memoirs Below the Line and Man and Beast. A French collection of his work, Au Texas Tu Serais Deja Mort, was published in March 2011 by 13th Note Editions in Paris. He lives in Texas.


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