What Makes a Baby
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  • May 21, 2013
  • 9781609804855

What Makes a Baby

Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

What Makes a Baby is a book for every kind of family and every kind of kid. It is a 21st century children’s picture book about where babies come from that reflects the reality of our modern time by being inclusive of all kinds of kids, adults, and families, however they came to be.

Geared to readers from pre-school to 8 years old, it teaches curious kids about conception, gestation, and birth in a way that works regardless of whether or not the kid in question was adopted, conceived using reproductive technologies, at home or in a clinic, through surrogacy, or the old fashioned way, and regardless of how many people were involved, their orientation, gender and other identity, or family composition. Just as important, the story doesn’t gender people or body parts, so most parents and families will find that it leaves room for them to educate their child without having to erase their own experience.

Most books about where babies come from leave many of us out. They tell a nice story (mommy + daddy + intercourse = you!) but the truth is that more and more of us are acknowledging the help we get to bring children into our lives. That help might be a doctor, fertility clinic, adoption or foster agency; it might be a turkey baster and a friend; it might be a sperm donor or a surrogate. What Makes a Baby helps parents tell children a story about where they came from that isn’t just true for them, but true for everyone.

Written by a sexuality educator, Cory Silverberg, and illustrated by award-winning Canadian artist Fiona Smyth, What Makes a Baby is as fun to look at as it is useful to read.



"A useful springboard for conversations about childbirth, no matter the family."—Publishers Weekly

"Designed for all kinds of children in all kinds of families, this will be particularly welcome in adoptive and non-traditional families but is, uniquely, an appealing and informative complement to early sex-education discussions with any child."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"With all the different ways people use to conceive now, it is great that someone has come up with a book to teach our children where they came from."—Intimate Bridge 2 Conception
"Let's face it, we see more and more families who start in non-traditional ways. This can lead to lots of questions, particularly from kids awaiting a sibling. Many of the traditional books about where babies come from simply don't cut it. If you're in birth work, you'll probably enjoy this new children's book: What Makes a Baby the beauty of it is that it works for all families, no matter how baby came into their lives or who is in their family."—Birth Activist
"Such an amazing group of people working in this project, I simply can't support it enough!"—Up, Down & Natural
"What Makes a Baby is a beautifully illustrated 32-page hardcover book for children roughly from pre-school to 8-years-old. It's written to include all kinds of kids, all kinds of adults, and all kinds of families--regardless of how many people were involved, what the orientation, gender identity, or other make up of the family is, or how it came to be that way."—It's Conceivable
"What Makes a Baby is a children's picture book about where babies come from that is totally unique and unlike any other because it's written and illustrated to include all kinds of kids, all kinds of adults, and all kinds of families."—Moms in Babeland
"Talking about sex in a gradual, age-appropriate way is one of the most important things a parent can do to help a child grow up to be a safe, healthy, and responsible adult. What Makes A Baby is a great new tool to make that process easy, factual, and inclusive of all children."—Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina

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