Women's Health Solutions
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  • February 2002

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Women's Health Solutions

Gary Null

Updated and expanded under the title Be a Healthy Woman!, by Gary Null and Amy McDonald.

For the legions of women turning to alternative health practices today, Women's Health Solutions is a compendium founded in holistic principles, and featuring the most up-to-date clinical experiences and published research. Women's Health Solutions covers general physical and mental issues, as well as those particular to women, including:

anemia - birth control - breast cancer - chronic fatigue syndrome - diabetes - endometriosis - infertility - lupus - menopause - multiple sclerosis - occupational disorders - premenstrual syndrome - sexual dysfunction - sexually transmitted diseases - stroke - urinary incontinence - varicose veins - vulvar disorders - and much more.

In each of its thirty-eight chapters, this encyclopedia includes a thorough discussion of each health problem and the recommended preventions and treatments, emphasizing tried and proven alternative approaches from acupunture and Ayurveda to Chinese medicine and Hellerwork, to Reiki and yoga techniques.

Complemented by a resource guide and tips on how to select an alternative health practitioner, the unconventional approaches found in Women's Health Solutions are bound to empower women to take their health into their own hands.


"Poets join white-coats to celebrate all that is woman." —Publishers Weekly

"[This] book provides rich reflections into the history and deeper meanings of women's health and illness." —A Friend Indeed

"Truly a one-stop health resource for women." —about.com

About Gary Null

Nutritionist and natural-living advocate GARY NULL's film documentaries on the politics of health have won awards around the world, and his daily and weekly radio broadcasts educate millions on nutrition-based approaches to wellness and disease prevention. His books have introduced readers of all ages to health alternatives that avoid the often-harmful practices of conventional Western medicine. Null is a rare, lifelong defender of the right of Americans  to stay informed and healthy.

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