World Report 2015: Events of 2014
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  • February 2, 2015
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World Report 2015: Events of 2014

Human Rights Watch

The world's pulse in one essential book, Human Rights Watch's World Report 2015 is a must-read for anyone interested in the fight to protect human rights in every corner of the globe.

The most sought-after report of human rights news, Human Rights Watch's annual World Report is an invaluable resource for journalists, diplomats, and citizens. The twenty-fifth annual report summarizes human rights conditions in more than ninety countries and territories, focusing particularly on the roles--positive or negative--played in each country by key domestic and international figures. It reflects extensive investigative work undertaken in 2015 by Human Rights Watch staff, usually in close partnership with domestic human rights activists, and features a major introductory essay by Human Rights Watch executive director Ken Roth on the most-pressing human rights issue of the year.

About Human Rights Watch

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH is one of the world's leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights, and operates in more than ninety countries. Its annual World Report is the most probing review of human rights developments available anywhere.

KENNETH ROTH is the executive director of Human Rights Watch. He has conducted numerous human rights investigations and missions around the world.

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